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A graduate of the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Tournai in Belgium, French born Damien Gernay started his career as a scenographer, working on many contemporary dance and theatre productions, mainly in France and Belgium. In 2007 he founded his own studio in Brussels, lending his very personal style to many high end projects. His work has been showcased at the most prestigious design fairs – including PAD, ICFF New York, and Milan Salone- and some of his designs are now in the permanent collections of the Design Museum of Gent and the ADAM – Brussels Design Museum.


Signature Style

Damien is always experimenting with materials, fascinated by their limitless potential: “My relationship to form is a complex one: I tend to neutralise it. What really interests me and guides me is the material:  I let it “live” and, at the end, it is what gives the object its identity. I make one-off pieces or very limited editions. I work alone; I like this experimental, almost alchemical approach, which gives me total control over the production process. I like to think that small accidents, mistakes and randomness lead to new investigations, and even to new creations. I like that this ignites raw emotions”. He is currently working on a new typology of enamelled steel for his next collection.


The “BLANC CASSÉ” series explores the notion of the colour white, which becomes functional through physical alteration. White is seen here as the original colour; it conjures the painter’s white canvas or the writer’s blank sheet of paper. The table and the mirror bear the traces of its making, revealing a smooth transition between the different layers of the surface, from the initial matte white, to the black of the primer, to the polished metal. The rough parts of the polished metal reflect a pointillist, imperfect image as though painted in real time.

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