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Eric Allart

Eric Allart, a multi-faceted man, started his career as an Art Curator dedicated to building collections for private clients, then became an Antique Dealer specialising in 20th century pieces and is now an Interior Architect, Decorator and Designer. He experiences objects from every angle and reinterprets classics through his choice of materials and technique. His knowledge of the great artistic styles and the spirit of neo-classicism pervades his interiors with their sensitivity to symmetry, balance, structured detail and comfort. All brought together with unusual curios.

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Eric Allart has a deep passion for all that is art and design. Before becoming a full time interior architect and designer, he worked as art advisor for private clients, helping them build a contemporary art collection. Also, given his knowledge of 20th century design, he worked as antique dealer appointing beautiful pieces in private homes. Now, he merges his vast knowledge with his vision and creates timeless pieces for an international clientele.

Signature Style

His infallible eye for style and craftsmanship. Besides unearthing beautiful and rare vintage pieces for his clients, he creates an array of original designs, including mirrors and lamps. Eric taps into the vast archives of design and reinterprets timeless objects through new materials and production techniques.


The great artistic style and the spirit of neo-classicism that pervade his projects, marked by a sense of symmetry, balance, structured details and comfort. The interiors he creates are imbued with unusual beauty and harmony. He is inspired by the modern style of iconic 20th century designers in the likes of Gabriella Crespi, Jean-Michel Frank, Maria Pergay and the more contemporary Martin Zekely.

The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting a selection of designs by Eric Allart, available for purchase exclusively through us.

Gothic Sculpture mirror effect by Eric Allart - The Invisible Collection
Gothic Sculpture mirror effect by Eric Allart - The Invisible Collection

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