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Design and fashion enthusiasts Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet joined forces to found their studio Humbert & Poyet, in 2008.  Emil is a state-qualified architect from the Parisian National School of Architecture; Christophe, is a CFAI interior designer (renowned Charpentier Academy in Paris). From their studio on the glitzy streets of Monte Carlo, they provide a full range of services from construction to interior design. Both passionate about the great French tradition of the Decorative Arts as well as contemporary art, they work like sparring partners creating extremely spectacular spaces imbued with a luxurious feel.

Signature Style

Humbert & Poyet projects focus on elegant and meticulous designs to create timeless spaces, using premium materials such as stone, wood and bronze. Their love for the Art Deco movement is best expressed through their strong geometric shapes, bold colors and metallic finishes. Given their complementary skills, they have the ability to transform a space and create a true special set pairing visual exuberance with understated elegance. In their own words: « our goal is to translate a complex atmosphere into a tridimensional space ». Always playing with scale and proportions, they assert their fresh self-confident vision when mixing luxurious materials in a much-unexpected fashion. Inspired by the tradition of total architecture, the young duo (they both are in their early thirties) designs all the furniture, from the lighting fixtures to the last candleholder…



The Hoxton in Paris, Aquazzura in SoHo, Beefbar worldwide, …: Humbert & Poyet speak to the sophisticated, visually-driven millennial audience. They embody the new generation of French über-cool designers, inventing a new visual language that needs no translation. Their recent projects include Beefbar restaurants worldwide; one of the latest being the Beefbar Paris whose interior merges the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements conjuring a chic and dramatic atmosphere. They also designed the Aquazzura Soho boutique in New York filled with striking graphics and enchanting décor, and Alan Yau’s first restaurant in Monaco, the Song Qi. The dynamic duo also staged a beautiful setting during the latest edition of AD Intérieurs exhibition, ‘‘The Nocturnal Smoking Room’’, a lounge imbued with muted atmosphere and structured lines, in the spirit of Neo Art Deco.

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