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Julien Lagueste grew up near the sea, in La Trinité-sur-mer, a French city on the Atlantic coast, and spent most of his summers in some paradisiacal islands. An accomplished musician, painter and sculptor, he is an interior architect and designer. After graduating, he moved to Nantes and opened up his confidential workshop studio.


Signature Style

Creations conceived as sculptures, carved woods and hand-cast resins are the hallmarks of Julien’s one-of-a-kind designs. Simple and poetic, his tables take inspiration from the organic shapes of eroded stone, and the amazing reflections of a deep blue sea. “My tables are a piece of furniture, a sculpture and a painting all in one”, says Julien, who finds in nature all his models. Committed to eco-responsible and sustainable practices, Julien uses fine birch that is cut in a way to minimize waste, and make the pieces as light as possible.


His first collection “Souvenir des îles”: a series of different-sized tables in sculpted birch with blue resin tops. The tabletop has five layers of resin mixed with pigments. When the liquid resin hardens, all the countless hues of the ocean come to life. For each tabletop, the pigments are mixed in a different way. The collection comprises four distinct series, including “Les Antilles” and “Belle-Ile/Houat/Hoedic” comprising coffee and side tables. All pieces are handmade and come in a limited edition signed and numbered.

The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting a selection of designs by Julien Lagueste, available for purchase exclusively through us.

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