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Le Chardon was founded in 2015 by three cousins of French-Polish descent, driven by their passion for traditional farming and textiles. Together they acquired a beautiful farm nested in the mountains of Lower Silesia, in Poland, where they started breeding a five-generation-alpaca herd. Their high-quality wool is the material of choice for Le Chardon exclusive duvets, all handmade on-site in the farm’s textile laboratory.


Signature Style

The ultimate refinement of alpaca wool to dress the bed. Alpaca wool provides unparalleled comfort and luxury; it is soft, warm, light and breathable. Once sheared, the wool is first gently washed and slowly dried, and then carefully sorted out in order to keep the best fibers only. The whole process relies on traditional tools and techniques, using organic and natural washing agents. No chemicals are used at any point. The quilting is delicately executed in order to guarantee the duvet’s perfectly balanced, even structure. The outer shell is made of a special breathable cotton percale that was specifically developed by Italian weavers in collaboration with Le Chardon.


Le Chardon’s farm and workshop, a picture perfect example of sustainability and artisanship.  Le Chardon prides itself in raising and caring for its own herd of alpacas, and in manufacturing all products directly in the farm, thus ensuring the highest standards in terms of well-being of the animals and quality of each design. The alpacas grow their big and fluffy wool over the cold Polish winter, and are sheared in spring, before the summer heat. They live freely and comfortably in the surrounding meadows, as their well-being and care are directly correlated to the quality of the fiber. The close-by workshop, run by experienced wool specialists and seamstresses, is the place where all the designs are made – including bespoke duvets – before being delivered in an elegant box, with a thoroughly comprehensive customer care notice.

The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting Le Chardon’s uber-chic alpaca duvets, available for purchase through us.

Locally produced, environmentally responsible.

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