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HoT – History of ThingsWhen we love something, we want to know the story behind it… as told by the designer himself: Fabrice Ausset

The story of this rug dates back to my teen years.


At the time, I was interested in colour fixing techniques on fabric.


I started creating and selling silk scarves to the girls in my school – a cool way to make new attractive friends…


But then I moved on to study architecture and work with other materials and forgot all about it.


Until one day, on my first trip to Japan, while strolling in a Tokyo park, I saw a pond literally covered by some gigantic water lilies… so much bigger than the ones in Europe! I was in awe, and decided that I was going to design a rug inspired by those flowers. Something simple and vibrant, like the water underneath them, and in a sort of constant motion: the rug is designed into two modules that can be placed – and moved- anywhere on the floor.

Fabrice Ausset

Fabrice Ausset’s global approach to space makes him particularly attentive to colours, materials, and to furniture.  His approach is reflected on a wide range of projects between Interior Architecture and Interior Design: the rehabilitation of a castle, luxury apartments, top hotels, shop concepts and exhibition scenography for major brands… His style between classicism and extravagance combined with clean lines all converge. His love of contrasts comes to the fore when one sees his influences through the outrageous Tony Duquette, through to the minimalism of the Japanese designer Isamu Noguchi. Raised in the tradition of the arts and French excellence, he combines the ancient and the modern in surprising places.

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