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Fabrice Ausset

Fabrice Ausset’s global approach to space makes him particularly attentive to colours, materials, and to furniture.  His approach is reflected on a wide range of projects between Interior Architecture and Interior Design: the rehabilitation of a castle, luxury apartments, top hotels, shop concepts and exhibition scenography for major brands… His style between classicism and extravagance combined with clean lines all converge. His love of contrasts comes to the fore when one sees his influences through the outrageous Tony Duquette, through to the minimalism of the Japanese designer Isamu Noguchi. Raised in the tradition of the arts and French excellence, he combines the ancient and the modern in surprising places.

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At the helm of the FA Interior Design agency, Fabrice Ausset divides his time between commercial and private projects, and between Interior Architecture and Interior Design. His global approach to space, gives him an edge when using colours, materials, and furniture. The Architect and the Interior Designer become one when refurbishing a castle, some luxury apartments, top hotels and concept stores, or when creating the exhibition set for major brands…

Signature Style

Classicism and some extravagance combined with clean lines:  His love for contrast comes to the fore when one sees his influences, which span from the fantastic interiors by Tony Duquette, to the poetic minimalism of Isamu Noguchi. Raised in the tradition of the arts and French excellence, Fabrice fuses ancient and modern in many surprising ways. Philippe Hurel produces some of his designs; Pouenat and Dines produce his rugs.

He loves

Contemporary art and collectible furniture that inspire all of his creations. An important collector himself, his entire private collection was auctioned off at Piasa in December 2015.


His new take on embellishments in interior decoration; his approach to textures, surfaces, and tridimensional ornaments best expressed in a striking fireplace made of multifaceted alabaster, mesmerising kinetic glass doors or a star-shaped motif carved on the ceiling.


The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting a selection of designs by Fabrice Ausset, available for purchase exclusively through us.

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