Pierre Gonalons

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Designer, creative director and scenographer, he is the link between minimalism and decorative arts. Noble materials and contemporary lines.

The designer who inspires me the most?
René Lalique, an absolute master of design and ornamentation.

Minimalist or Baroque?
Both, I try to blend the two extremes!

Which country or culture?
France, Italy and Japan mainly.

More black or white?
One is no good without the other!

My preferred style/era?
The end of the 19th century, between eclecticism and Art Nouveau, in the whole of Europe.

What would be a ‘faux pas’ in interior design?
To ask the question! Always trust your intuition.

Pierre Gonalons

As a designer, decorator, creative director and exhibition designer, Pierre Gonalons offers a comprehensive vision from which he derives his strength. Born in France and immersed in Italian culture, he advocates for a design that incorporates both decorative arts and minimalism. He loves the encounter between past and future, the contrast between flashy and discrete, and, above all else, materials which he spotlights with utmost sobriety.

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