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A curated exhibition of limited-edition pieces opens at The Mews House, our flagship in Marylebone. Here is a sneak preview of the covetable designs that will catch your eye.

The Mews House, our flagship in London, opens with a cinematic exhibition featuring an all-star cast of designers and a cameo by fashion luminary Stefano Pilati. Visitors are invited to step into a world of sophisticated luxury where each space has been carefully appointed with furniture pieces and objects handmade by the best artisans. A muted color palette of creamy whites and earthy ochres defines the elegant atmosphere enlivened by a few touches of gold. A delightful display of sophistication and contemporary chic, the inspirational setting carries a distinctive aesthetic that will stir the senses of design lovers.  

The shoppable exhibition showcases stunning pieces from some of the star designers on our roster. Damien Langlois-Meurinne’s Good Day Sunshine dining table – a sculptural piece in oak – and the ultra-comfortable Sam chairs epitomize the French designer’s quest for balance and harmony. 

Dimoremilano’s remarkable lighting fixtures dot the space, from some elaborate bronze sconces to the striking Serie Abc ceiling lamp, a design at the intersection of Art Deco and the iconic “Mobiles”, Alexander Calder’s hanging sculptures. Up-and-coming Leo Sentou, a self-proclaimed “contemporary classicist,” draws from eighteenth century styles to author an array of contemporary pieces including the lovely G.J. Chair, the plush L.D. Armchair, and the whimsical L.A. Side Table. Anchoring the space, some handwoven rugs by Diurne, a brand much appreciated by interior designers and architects in the likes of Charles Zana. Each piece is a visual stunner.
The curated exhibition includes an exclusive capsule collection by Stefano Pilati x Pinto Paris. The three-piece offering is a feat of creativity and craftsmanship. 

Stefano Pilati knows a thing or two about drapé et tombé (the French technical words for the way a fabric or garment hangs), which he mastered as creative director of Saint Laurent. Now, he uses his know-how to create furniture and delivers a striking armchair draped in woven bronze – available in a limited edition of 8 pieces – and a fabulous sofa with couture-like details 

Do come visit us to discover in person our exquisitely curated display of covetable pieces: Book an appointment.

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