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Discover the exclusive capsule collection unveiled during the prestigious Saut Hermès equestrian event.

We are thrilled to present Akar, an exclusive capsule collection created by Atelier Pendhapa in collaboration with Métaphores, the renowned textile brand owned by Hermès. The nine-piece offering features Le Crin fabric, a one-of-its-kind material made of hand-woven horsehair, a centenarian specialty technique developed by Métaphores. 

In very befitting timing, the collection will launch during the Saut Hermès, the prestigious equestrian competition held in Paris that has quickly become one of the most highly anticipated events internationally. Featuring top riders from around the world competing in a variety of tries, including individual and team jumping, the three-day equestrian event sponsored by Hermès, is one of the top social gatherings, sought after for its elegant, sophisticated atmosphere. 

Akar epitomizes the best of exceptional savoir faire: Atelier Pendhapa a worked closely together with Métaphores to select a range of Le Crin fabric showcasing the wide variety of techniques used in horsehair. Their teams came together to produce exclusively hand-made pieces of furniture. The weaving of the horsehair was made in Challes in France’s Sarthe region, where Le Crin patent was filed in 1787 and vested with the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label. Meanwhile, the carving of solid mahogany and teak woods were done at Atelier Pendhapa’s studio in Indonesia. Only one workshop in the world continues to weave horsehair by hand with rare know-how. It takes infinite patience, as well as precise gestures acquired over long periods of apprenticeship, to create singular weaves strand by strand. The technique demands such attention to detail that only a few meters are woven each day. 

The essence of the collaboration was for Atelier Pendhapa to best showcase the fabric’s unique characteristics. Horsehair is a natural byproduct of local breeding activities existing in certain areas, mainly in Asia. The fibers of Le Crin originally come from Mongolia where the cold climate is a real asset as it conveys resilience to the horsehair, which is naturally coarse, strong and lustrous. Although the fabric has been extensively used for centuries in France, Métaphores reinvents the patterns and weavings of horsehair with a contemporary design.
With the collection
Akar, which refers to the word “roots” in Indonesian, Atelier Pendhapa pushed the boundaries of what can be made from solid wood today in using the material in its most organic form. The design of the solid wood elements challenges gravity, as it undulates around the fabric. The wood frames are reminiscent of pieces of intricate jewelry, while the horsehair fabric cushions appear like mounted gemstones. Discover the Akar collection available exclusively through us

Atelier Pendhapa

Both architects by training, Antonin Hautefort and Ignatio Tenggara met at the Architectural Association in London while completing their master of Architecture. While Antonin grew up in France, Ignatio comes from Indonesia: their radically different cultural background and their fascination for local craftsmanship motivated them to start a design studio together. Atelier Pendhapa was founded in 2019 with the ambition to dissolve the boundaries between furniture and architecture. They have since been developing projects of various scales from bespoke pieces and interior design to holistic architectural projects all around the world. 

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