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Passionate, intuitive and determined artist, Françoise Weill entered the world of design in 1996, after years spent in the fashion industry. Rugs made of wild feathers and velvet-soft felt are exemplary elements of her unique artistry and her knowledge of the grand tradition of haute couture. True contemporary curiosities, her one-off and limited-edition pieces blur the boundaries between design and art.

Signature Style

Sculptural designs that can be appreciated as art, and that are made in the pursuit of the aesthetic of high-end luxury and the 18th century’s great French artisanal tradition.

She loves

The Arte Povera movement, which is at the root of how she works with metal. Her functional pieces are designed to be used in daily life. They juxtapose the rigorous nature of raw iron with the fragility of feathers, giving them another dimension.


Her designs tap into the Surrealistic movement, referencing its ingenious take on words and shapes – the Tabouret Bouche (Mouth Stool) or the Table Plume (Feather Table), to name but a few. Poetry and oenirism colour her pieces that bear punny titles: Paravent pigment (Hot Screen), Console Poème (Poems that console)… Her work is full of dreams and mystery, yet it is designed to be used in day-to-day life

The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting a selection of designs by Françoise Weill, available for purchase exclusively through us.

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