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Haos is a Paris-based design studio founded by Sophie Gelinet and Cedric Gepner in 2017. Sophie and Cedric mainly use wood, bronze and ceramics, which they articulate with their dual interest in contemporary design and the know-how of traditional craftsmanship.



Signature style

The studio develops a personal signature, never overstated, and which owes its singularity to the association between the raw, radical expression of sculptural shapes and the mastery of sophisticated and refined lines. Its work clearly fits within the tradition of French Decorative Arts, but owes its specificity to this balance achieved between rawness and sophistication, as well as the pursuit of a timeless, almost ascetic form of beauty.


The couple work primarily with French artisans who often have decades of experience working with the same material. It’s a process rooted in all things tangible and permanent, one whose outcome can only and inevitably be an object that’s been stripped down to its most essential form. The two of them handle everything, from the research and first sketches to overseeing the manufacturing process.



What’s up

Sophie and Cedric are preparing for their new location in Tangier, where they will be moving the studio by the end of 2020. While the production of their pieces will mostly remain in France, Moroccan craftsmanship will definitely play a part in their upcoming projects!

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