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A licensed architect from the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture, Joseph Dirand loves challenges: his graduation project was his first commission, a house in India. He opened his namesake studio immediately after, driven by the desire to express himself freely and create. His inspiration and motivation come from the revered men he calls his masters: Le Corbusier’s for his commitment, John Pawson for his minimalism, Peter Zumthor for his timelessness and modesty, Carlo Scarpa for his precision, Eero Saarinen for his global vision. “I love minimalist architecture, the precise, clear vocabulary and the detail”. His projects are true environmental and architectural accomplishments, praised throughout the world, and include hotels and restaurants; luxury fashion houses and private residences.

Signature Style
Dirand sees the space with the eye of a scenographer where volumes and details come together in total harmony. Light plays an important role as it sculpts the space and transforms the surfaces; materials and colour palettes define the atmosphere. Each project is imbued with timeless elegance and a subtle “art de vivre”: an utmost livability without ever sacrificing absolute chic. For each project, Dirand spends a long time researching context and history, finding the right textures, compositions, colours, and atmosphere.  

After designing bespoke pieces for his projects, Dirand has decided to create his very first collection of lamps and furnishings available in limited edition. With the title “Modernist”, this is a collection marked by elegant, well-thought lines that in Dirand’s words “tell a story, my story.”,  a story of otherworldly beauty.  



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