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Semeur d’Étoiles (Sower of Stars in French) was founded by Ludovic  Clément d’Armont, a Frenchman whose ancestors were artists and artisans mastering glassmaking, carpentry and painting. Both an engineer and an artist, he pairs his creative emotions with his eclectic, erudite knowledge:  “my work is based on a fundamental thought: nature and science are similar; that is why analysis and experimentation mingle in my creations.” Ludovic designs and manufactures lighting fixtures – light-sculptures, chandeliers, sconces, wall & ceiling lamps – each one conceived as work of art in itself. The studio caters for a list of prestigious clients, including Vincent Darré, Bismut & Bismut, LVMH and State of Craft. 

Signature Style

Subtle French elegance meets 21st century lifestyle: Blown glass, crystal, porcelain and metal are treated with new creative techniques lending each unique piece a strong architectural quality. The technical complexity of the designs never outweighs their aesthetic, so that only the beautiful materials and the light become visible. Each design is eco-friendly. 


Site specific, one-of-a-kind light sculptures that are instant conversation pieces. Moreover, Semeur d’Étoiles has a strict eco-friendly policy that encompasses all aspects of the work process including sustainable supply, the use of recycled and recyclable materials, responsible manufacturing, low impact transport, and reparability.  


The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting a selection of designs by Sémeur d’Étoiles, available for purchase through us.   

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