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Lisbon-based Flores Design Studio is making its way to the UK with a blooming debut collection now on show in our London gallery. This soulful exhibition exudes a subtle blend of craft and elegance, inspiring new ideas in contemporary living.

We are thrilled to present “Lisbon on our Mind,” the first UK exhibition of Flores Design, a Lisbon-based studio whose work has captivated us. The collection embodies the aesthetic we champion: heritage crafts, exquisite materials, unexpected shapes, and a soulful character. Additionally, we share a special affinity with the founders, Emma Pucci and Valentina Pilia, two ultra-talented women whose creativity thrives on Portugal’s rich local artistry and whose aesthetic resonates deeply with us. Before founding their studio, Italian-born Valentina honed her skills at Studio KO in Morocco and then at the Pierre Yovanovitch agency in Paris. Meanwhile, French-Swiss Emma practiced architecture and worked as a production designer in the film industry. Passionate about traditional crafts, uncommon textiles, and the theatricality of well-designed interiors, they launched Flores Design to create incredibly tasteful textiles and gorgeous furniture pieces. 

Nomadic spirits at heart, Emma and Valentina were drawn to Portugal’s natural beauty and rich heritage. They decided to tap into this well of ancestral know-how and natural materials to create pieces that resonate with the local environment and culture. From their Lisbon outpost located in the famed Praça das Flores square (hence the studio’s name), the design duo began by creating original textiles for the home before expanding to furniture pieces and lighting fixtures. “We naturally shifted from textile to furniture, integrating weaving techniques into our designs, as they were never far from each other,” the designers explain. They add, “Textures, stories, natural and noble elements are characteristic of each piece. Our vision of home is a mixture of styles brought together in one singular language.” 

Guided by the philosophy of approaching the home as a whole through different avenues, Emma and Valentina curated the entire exhibition, acting as ‘ensembliers‘, selecting and assembling all the elements of the space. Alongside their own designs, they integrated furniture pieces, objects, and artworks from the Invisible Collection’s catalogue to compose an elegant, unified whole where every piece works together cohesively. The setting is punctuated by a succession of spaces, resembling a real home. The living area features the striking Weekend Sofa and a selection of sculptural side tables in ceramic, while the bedroom is transformed into a haven of snugness, warmed by lovely ceramic side tables and delicate embroidered linens and cushions. This soulful atmosphere embodies Flores Studio’s tasteful vision of contemporary living. 

The exhibition’s title, “Lisbon on Our Mind,” nods to Flores’ love story with Portugal, where the designers found a special connection: “Craft is accessible and present in each village; it is embedded in everyday life and celebrated in each object,” they say. “We have a mission to promote and celebrate it, keeping such heritage alive and dynamic. The human relationship is also very important to the studio. We celebrate the artisans’ individuality and collaborate closely in a creative dialogue with each one. These rich encounters are translated into our creations, hoping to transmit an emotion equally enriching; creating absolutely unique pieces.” A standout design exemplifying the brand’s ethos is the Ombra hand-dyed table lamp, as described by Emma and Valentina: “This piece embodies our identity through its plural techniques and the combination of different artisans’ work. It is emblematic for its variety, featuring ceramic work and hand-woven linen from the north of Portugal with natural dyeing techniques. The piece is fully customizable from bottom to top in terms of glazing and color dying.” 


Highlights from the collection include the sleek & chic Weekend Sofa, an elegant piece that showcases simple lines and minimal tufting on the backrest. This subtle decorative element strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity. “It’s quite an urban sofa,” note Emma and Valentina, “however, it is also ideal for chic’ing up a countryside cottage with a French touch and Italian elegance. It can be tucked into any intimate corner of one’s home.” 

We are confident that the UK debut of Flores will delight design enthusiasts and aesthetes alike.

Discover the entire collection available exclusively through us and visit the exhibition to experience in person the warm yet sophisticated materiality of these wonderful designs.  

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