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Discover “Metaphysics” the limited edition of fantastic designs by Vincent Darré x de Gournay available exclusively on The Invisible Collection.

We are thrilled to unveil the new, fabulous collection of designs that Vincent Darré specially created for de Gournay, available for purchase exclusively through us. The collaborative capsule, poetically called Metaphysics, is yet again an example of the French designer’s flamboyant aesthetic and dreamlike style. “Metaphysics is one of my passions. From 17th century engravings to Giorgio de Chirico’s paintings, I love to lose myself in these unexpected perspectives,” says emphatically Darré. 

This unique collaboration brings together two celebrated household names that have a lot in common when it comes to otherworldly decors and unbridled creativity. The enfant terrible of French design and the famed British specialist of hand-painted and hand-embroidered wallcoverings worked as one to transform a typical Parisian apartment into a stunning abode livened up by gorgeous, colourful wallpapers and covetable furniture. The space is fully appointed down to the last detail –including ephemera and small objects- as though an actual person, or rather an ineffable tastemaker, resided in it…  

Vincent Darré’s genius for colour and eclecticism is fully on display throughout the apartment where visitors can discover the de Gournay-inspired capsule collection. Darré’s signature Conversation Chair and Sofa are embellished with a gorgeous hand-embroidered motif reminiscent of Jean Cocteau’s iconic drawings. The silver or gold embroidery threads stand out beautifully against the vivid colours of the velvet upholstery.  

The collection includes a couple of side tables and stools that embody the French designer’s playful take on furniture. Taking his cue from the architectural style of Greek columns, Darré transformed these elements into comfortable, alluring designs that add a cheeky neoclassical touch to the décor.  

The collection is available in a limited edition sold exclusively through us. 

Vincent Darré

Like cats, Vincent Darré has had several (professional) lives, working in fashion, lifestyle and now, interior design, transforming his homes into a laboratory of sorts for his unbridled creativity. Known for his extravagant, almost baroque persona, Vincent Darré, a.k.a. the enfant terrible of French design, is a free-spirited artist and the master of -isms: dandyism, romanticism, surrealism, eclecticism, Dadaism, Hellenism, and cheeky classicism. Vibrant and flamboyant, his designs are a feat of unexpected shapes and colours, true conversation pieces.  

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