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French artist-cum-engineer Ludovic Clément d’Armont lights the lights and brightens the world of interior decoration with his breathtaking designs.  

We are delighted to introduce a selection of works produced by Semeur d’Etoiles, the French design studio founded by Ludovic Clément d’Armont. Known for his multidisciplinary approach, Ludovic creates the most striking lighting fixtures, most of which grace collectors’ private homes and shine in some luxury boutiques around the world. 

Favouring blown glass, crystal and porcelain, Semeur d’Etoiles creates site specific, one-of-a-kind light sculptures that seamlessly fit contemporary décors. The lighting fixtures are inspired by Ludovic’s passion for science and his constant research on new manufacturing techniques.  

Discover Semeur d’Etoiles’ one-of-kind designs; light-sculptures, chandeliers, sconces, wall & ceiling lamps…: each piece is a work of art in itself.  

Semeur D'Étoiles

Semeur d’Étoiles was founded by Ludovic Clément d’Armont, a Frenchman whose ancestors were artists and artisans mastering glassmaking, carpentry and painting. Both an engineer and an artist, he pairs his creative emotions with his eclectic, erudite knowledge:  “my work is based on a fundamental thought: nature and science are similar; that is why analysis and experimentation mingle in my creations.” Ludovic designs and manufactures lighting fixtures – light-sculptures, chandeliers, sconces, wall & ceiling lamps – each one conceived as work of art in itself. He combines subtle French elegance with 21st century lifestyle: Blown glass, crystal, porcelain and metal are treated with new creative techniques lending each unique piece a strong architectural quality. The technical complexity of the designs never outweighs their aesthetic, so that only the beautiful materials and the light become visible. Each design is eco-friendly. 

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