Alga by Osanna Visconti

Stories Editor's Pick Alga by Osanna Visconti

Osanna Visconti never shies away from a challenge, and once again she delivers a series of collectible designs that are instant must-haves.

Alga is a series of candelabra inspired by the shape of algae, specifically seaweed fronds. The Italian artist succeeded in beautifully reproducing the ethereal contours of these plants when floating in water.

Each piece is made with the lost wax technique, a complex process of bronze casting that requires painstaking attention to detail – you can learn more about this ancient technique by reading Osanna Visconti’s portrait here.

Each design in natural bronze is unique, and can be custom-made in different dimensions.

Osanna Visconti

During her childhood in Rome, Osanna and her sister would play with pieces of art created for their mother by Lucio Fontana, Mario Ceroli and Arnaldo Pomodoro. One could say that the pieces she creates today, are inspired by those wonderful memories, or maybe, they are a result of her own femininity… or maybe both. “I made jewellery for a few years, but then I decided to make jewels for the home, with the same technique but on a larger scale”.  In recent years, Osanna’s attention has increasingly focused on objects and furnishings. Made by the best artisans, every creation is modelled by hand from wax, which is then fused in an art foundry. “I would define myself as an artisan because I love crafting things, and I would also define myself as being somewhat of a designer. I really like being in the foundry where the wax models are made, spending my days modelling with my hands.”

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