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Background. After studying sculpture and painting at Carnegie Mellon University, Stephen Antonson got his first solo show in New York, then went on to receive an MFA in combined media at Hunter College. He continued to exhibit his work for two decades, showing it in galleries in New York, LA, and London. At the same time, he was making furniture and lighting for his home and became fascinated by the infinite possibilities of plaster.  Out of his Brooklyn atelier, Stephen Antonson by Hand, the artist now creates pieces for designers around the globe.  He is regarded as one of the most influential plaster artists in the world. 

Signature Style. A classically trained sculptor and painter, Antonson taps into his broad knowledge of these disciplines to inform his work. Every piece is created by hand.  He paints plaster onto his designs in layers with a brush, then meticulously sculpts, sands and rasps it repeatedly to achieve objects of surreal beauty. In addition to his original designs, Antonson welcomes collaborations and has worked with dozens of designers to create custom pieces. 

Showstoppers.  From a custom line of sculptural hardware to an outsized multitiered chandelier, Antonson’s furnishings and accessories are distinctive for pushing boundaries and redefining what they can be. Some riff on classicism, others invite playfulness, while still others are lyrical. All are ineffably beautiful. 

NBS Xoco - Interior designed by Neal Beckstedt, of Neal Becksteldt Studio