Palais Royal Sofa by Pierre Augustin Rose

Stories Editor's Pick Palais Royal Sofa by Pierre Augustin Rose

We all know that style preferences are a personal matter, however we are not ready to sacrifice elegance for comfort: we want both! And this sofa is precisely what we have in mind when we talk about style and comfort!

The Palais Royal Sofa is one of the latest designs by fashion crowd’s favourite brand Pierre Augustin Rose. The French trio continues its creative journey into the living room and delivers a new piece that bears all the marks of a must-have.

Tailored, perfectly upholstered, and effortlessly chic, the Palais Royal conjures an elegant roundness that suits modern, sparsely furnished spaces as well as more traditional rooms. Beautifully proportioned, it anchors the living room.

So… just order it, sit back and relax: we have it covered, literally, with custom Pierre Frey fabric.


Pierre Augustin Rose

Pierre Augustin Rose is an association of styles belonging to three singular personalities; Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze and Nina Rose. Simple lines, innovative design, and classic inspirations: the three talented designers know how to connect their trained eye for antiques to today’s new shapes. Past and present never collide in their designs; rather, they blend in a very personal style, best translated as an ode to everlasting modernity transformed with confident audacity. Each piece of furniture is imbued with a timeless feel whilst paying homage to the 20th Century’s great masters. Beautiful lacquers and fabrics, impeccable quality and refined details are the hallmark of an eclectic collection that defines the new classics of this century.

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    Pierre Frey
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