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Pierre Augustin Rose is an association of styles belonging to three singular personalities; Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze and Nina Rose. Pierre and Augustin, both antique dealers at the time, met in 2016, realizing on the spot that they shared a common passion and taste for design. In no time, they began imagining the ideal pieces of furniture they would have loved to own but could not find, thus starting designing them. Nina Rose soon joined the team, becoming the key facilitator to accelerate the production, thanks to her deep knowledge of craftsmanship and her network of highly skilled artisans in Europe. Their collections embody their vision of contemporary furniture.

Signature Style

Simple lines, innovative design, and classic inspirations: the three talented designers know how to connect their trained eye for antiques to today’s new shapes. Past and present never collide in their designs; rather, they blend in a very personal style, best translated as an ode to everlasting modernity transformed with confident audacity. Each piece of furniture is imbued with a timeless feel whilst paying homage to the 20th Century’s great masters. Beautiful lacquers and fabrics, impeccable quality and refined details are the hallmark of an eclectic collection that defines the new classics of this century.


The sofas 190 and 280 – simply and aptly named after their respective width in centimeters –  are a tribute to Scandinavian design, as well as to the innovative work of French decorators between the 30’s and the 60’s. The New Bauhaus armchair – recently featured in a Burberry advert – with its simple geometric lines, is a bold homage to form and function; whilst the Minotaure armchair, an inspired interpretation of Picasso’s iconic painting, is a playful and powerful statement of comfort and creativity.


The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting a selection of designs by Pierre Augustin Rose, available for purchase through us.

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