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Roman holidays: the beloved brand Pierre Augustin Rose travels south for the summer before heading to Invisible Collection’s Flagship in London.

In less than five years, media’s darling Pierre Augustin Rose has already left a strong mark on the aesthetic of contemporary interiors across the globe. The brand’s signature softly curved sofas, sledge-like chairs, and lacquered coffee tables have become the epitome of a certain idea of French chic. Furthermore, the collection of furniture pieces is so alluring and versatile that it seamlessly blends in with any and every décor. At Invisible Collection, we’ve been working hand in hand with the brand’s three founders since the very beginning, introducing their designs on our platform and in our galleries. Now, we are delighted to announce a special Pierre Augustin Rose residency at the Mews House, our Flagship in London, celebrating our exclusive collaboration with the brand this fall.  

Awaiting the upcoming exhibition, we share with you some evocative images shot in Italy, in a splendid Medieval castle turned into the perfect, dramatic backdrop for Pierre Augustin Rose’s designs. The fantastic pictures, taken by world-renowned photographer François Halard, capture both the essence of the space and the standalone quality of each piece of furniture. A few words on this fantastic building in Montecalvello, just north of Rome: the austere yet grandiose castle was built circa 780, but the full structure as we know it today was completed in the early 1200s. Among its many owners were Italian noblemen and even Donna Olimpia, the sister-in-law of Pope Innocent X, and powerful kingmaker in 17th-century Rome. More recently, the castle was acquired by the famous painter Balthasar Klossowski de Rola, better known as Balthus, who left it to his two sons.

The castello is famous for its outstanding floorplans and awe-striking frescoes, partially restored by Balthus, who kept his apartments and studio on the upper floor. It’s on the lower ground that the iconic designs by Pierre Augustin Rose were displayed to be photographed in all their enticing beauty. Standing on ancient stone floors and surrounded by fading frescoes, the furniture pieces come alive, catching the connoisseurs’ eye. A Polus Chair here, a Saint Honoré Sofa there, the Eole Floor Lamp standing tall next to an impressive fireplace… it’s all so cinematic, and dreamlike! Crafted by the best artisans, these designs can be customised, and they are available on our platform. Discover the entire collection and stay tuned to know more about the exclusive Pierre Augustin Rose Residency at Invisible Collection’s flagship in London this fall.
Credits: François Halard

Pierre Augustin Rose

Pierre Augustin Rose is an association of styles belonging to three singular personalities; Pierre Bénard, Augustin Deleuze and Nina Rose. Simple lines, innovative design, and classic inspirations: the three talented designers know how to connect their trained eye for antiques to today’s new shapes. Past and present never collide in their designs; rather, they blend in a very personal style, best translated as an ode to everlasting modernity transformed with confident audacity. Each piece of furniture is imbued with a timeless feel whilst paying homage to the 20th Century’s great masters. Beautiful lacquers and fabrics, impeccable quality and refined details are the hallmark of an eclectic collection that defines the new classics of this century.

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