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Invisible Collection presents “New York Splendor”, the first solo show of AD100 designer Laura Gonzalez in the Big Apple. The stunning furniture pieces, created especially for the event, are displayed in an enticing mise-en-scène at The Townhouse, Invisible Collection’s flagship in New York.

If Instagram did not exist, we should invent it to do Laura Gonzalez’ work justice and share it with the world. The Franco-Spanish designer has swept us off our feet with her unmistakable signature interiors, filled with vibrant colour palettes and joyful superpositions of contrasting styles. The warm, extroverted, and uber-talented designer has been leaving her mark since a young age: she was just off university when none other than Christian Louboutin commissioned her to redesign his Parisian boutique: Laura jumped in with both red-sole-heeled feet. That was the first of many glamorous projects, including the recent restyling of Cartier Flagships in New York and Paris. With each new endeavor, Laura keeps on stirring the senses of design lovers across the globe, bringing to life rich, majestic colour and material palettes, capturing the magic of maximalism like no other. 

The Maximalist Mystique 

Laura’s Mediterranean roots and cosmopolitan background inform her eclectic taste; she loves to mix old & new, high & pop, raw & chic. There are no muted palettes, nor subdued atmospheres in her work: she subverts the adage less is more with a boisterous “more is more”. Indeed, tapping into a vibrant aesthetic of incredible patterns and styles, she redefines the shared interpretation of taste and elegance by blurring the lines between dos and don’ts: it’s a delightful surprise! And we ask for more of this aesthetic of excess, defined by colourful flamboyance, ethnic influences, and sensual textures. “New York Splendor” is yet again the embodiment of all her passions and obsessions, artfully displayed in a fantastic setting. Inspired by the sophistication of New York’s legendary social gatherings and dinner parties from the past decades, Laura took over an entire floor of the Townhouse and created a space that carries a quality of dazzling grace.

Laura dressed up the salon to the nines, with at its center the sleek yet ultra-comfy Casa Sofa, upholstered in a delightful Pierre Frey floral fabric. The sofa is flanked by cute side tables, welcoming armchairs, and some large floor cushions in a variety of floral prints. The space is dotted with covetable objects from Goossens, one of the revered Maisons d’art of le19M, the venue created on Chanel’s initiative. The dining room is set to become the ultimate backdrop for the ideal dinner party, imbued with a feel of festive warmth and textured elegance. The stunning Nenuphar table in shaded green lacquer is beautified by the presence of the darling Mawu chairs, one of Laura’s signature designs. Created especially for the event, the Mawu chairs in Pierre Frey fabric are embellished with exquisite, bespoke hand-embroideries by Lesage Intérieurs, the legendary French Maison d’art from le19M. The picture-perfect setting features yet another stunner in the likes of the Lilypad Chandelier, a sculptural ceiling lamp made of an intricate superimposition of delicate glass petals. 

New York Splendor is also about the city’s nightlife and its most popular tropes, such as… clubbing. Laura nods to the heydays of Studio 54 by introducing the glitziest of disco balls, a bespoke piece created by Studio MTX, another Maison d’art of le19M, the venue created on Chanel’s initiative.  What was the saying? No party without a discoball!  

The mood is perfect, Laura Gonzalez is in The Townhouse! Come and visit us, it’s time to party and enjoy “New York Splendor.” The exhibition will run from December 9th through the end of February 2023 at The Townhouse, 24 E 64th St, New York.  

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Laura Gonzalez

Laura Gonzalez founded her Parisian agency at 24, while still a student at the Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture Paris-Malaquais. Since then, she’s been making a name for herself in the world of interior design delivering fantastic projects. Putting her motto into practice, “Live each project as a unique experience”, Laura was commissioned the 2021 Women Pavilion in Dubai, and has created some awe-inspiring interiors for luxury brands including Louboutin and Cartier. For the famed jeweler, she redesigned the historic 5th Avenue store in New York, and the “residence”, the private salon at the Paris Flagship in rue de la Paix, elevating the retail experience with her unmistakable style. 

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