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Jennifer Shorto began her career as a collector and connoisseur, buying and selling antique textiles and collaborating with artisans to reproduce her favorite pieces. Studying History of Art at L’Ecole du Louvre ignited her passion for artisanship, and set the foundation of her investigative skills to source exceptional materials and work with the very best.

This passion took her around the world, living and working in Brazil, Mexico, Paris, Brussels and eventually London, where her studio is now based. In 2013, Jennifer Shorto founded her eponymous fabric and wallpaper company, which has been featured in major publications, including The World of Interiors, Vogue Living, US Vogue, AD and Elle Décor.

Signature Style

Thanks to her unique flair, Jennifer Shorto has developed a range of fabrics inspired by her rich collection of antique textiles, ranging from embroidered suzani and elegant kimonos to strip-woven West African cloth and Lyon brocades. Her years of experience collaborating with family-owned mills, each bringing their own specialty, allow her to create contemporary fabrics that blend historic references and traditional techniques.

Her original patterns are constantly renewed by unflinching boldness, colour and texture. The fabrics are produced in Europe in selected textile mills, many of which are several hundred years old, using local and sustainable supply chains.


‘My latest design Kongaline is a modern take on the beauty of Kuba Raffias. I am immensely proud of the result, a woven linen and cotton fabric. Like many of my favorites, this one took a lot of trial and error and I am grateful for the skill of the weavers we work with,’ says Jennifer Shorto. Other standouts include the rich, jewel-tone colours from her Midnight Mademoiselle line, and their mural-like wallpapers depicting voyages of discovery à la Henri Rousseau, swirling meteor showers and dream-like oceanic voyages.

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