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Discover Invisible Collection’s new home in Paris, an intimate space at the intersection of design, culture, and food.

We are delighted to announce the opening of our first gallery in Paris, on the left bank. With its traditional mid-nineteenth century storefront, the three-story building boasts a rich past made by its illustrious tenants, including the legendary upholsterer Soutumier, and more recently our friends Mayaro Editions. This is a special place, close to our hearts, due to our strong connection to Paris, our hometown, and the ultra-talented designers and artisans who live and work in this vibrant city. It also represents a French style-focused curatorial approach, as we showcase for the first time both contemporary and vintage pieces, set in dialogue in a very organic way. 

We envision Invisible Collection Rive Gauche as a display of our aesthetic idea of French chic, emphasizing the curation of pieces, and promoting the discovery of emerging talents while fostering the collaboration between designers and artisans. “We’ve created a home in a city which has always been at the very heart of everything we do. In this space, we are going to further spotlight the incredible talents we work with.” says Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays, our cofounder and a true Parisian at heart.
For the opening, Isabelle worked closely with the uber-talented design duo Garcé & Dimofski to curate our debut installation. The result is a chic, harmoniously balanced mix of contemporary and vintage pieces that reflect our idea of a distinct French aesthetic. The installation is called “Passages”, a poetic tribute to Walter Benjamin’s seminal writings on Paris, exploring the interconnectedness of history, architecture and culture. 

The installation itself creates a passage-like experience, leading the viewer through a series of pieces, each with its unique aesthetic and story.
Garcé & Dimofski introduced a selection of pieces authored by international talents in the likes of Charlotte Taylor, a London-based interior designer who is renowned as a trendsetter in the 3D digital realm, creating avant-garde intangible spaces that blur the line between the real and fictional worlds; Garance Vallée, a prominent figure in the design world who embodies creative youth, with uninhibited eclecticism; and Minjae Kim, a Korean artist-designer who has emerged as one of the most exciting design practitioners in the United States, reinterpreting traditional Korean materials and techniques to create recognizable carved wood and sculpted resin pieces.

Alongside the works by these new designers, viewers can enjoy a display of Invisible Collection’s favorites, from Pierre Augustin Rose’s iconic 280 Sofa, to an array of covetable armchairs, including the L.D. by Leo Sentou, the Panther by Studioparisien, and the Tomyris by Pietro Franceschini, all anchored by some exquisite hand-knotted rugs. Standing tall against the main wall, the Obazine Bookcase adds visual texture. Designed by Laurent Jaffrennou for Mayaro, it is a one-of-its kind, modular structure in folded metal and wood, punctuated by arches that lend the piece a metaphysical, De Chirico-like quality. The elegant setting is elevated by a selection of fine objects, artworks and a few vintage furniture pieces, including a rare 1930 lamp by Paul Dupré Lafon, and an exceptional cabinet by Suzanne Agron first unveiled at the 1927 Salon d’Automne.

On the upper floor, an intimate dining room and a state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen. The latter is designed to be a place of experimentation, where up-and-coming chefs can showcase their talents and create unique culinary experiences that complement the gallery’s focus on craftsmanship and design. With its open layout and stylish design, the space is the perfect venue for hosting exclusive dinners and events that celebrate the intersection of food, design, and culture.
We are now the new custodians of the space that was once home to Mayaro Editions. Our longstanding relationship with this furniture editor, known for shining a light on French crafts and creating custom-made, original designs available on our platform, is fueled by our shared passion for craftsmanship. We are honored to have been invited to become the new residents of this storied building and delighted to call it home.

Invisible Collection Rive Gauche is now open: Do come and visit us! 

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