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Founded in 2018 by three entrepreneurs passionate about contemporary crafts and rare savoir-faire, Mayaro specializes in one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, showcased in its three-storey gallery in the heart of Paris Rive Gauche. Mayaro supports avant-garde artists and well-established artisans for whom the manual process is essential to their creative process: the textile weaver, the wood sculptor, the wicker craftsman, the stone carver, the hand fan maker and the cabinetmaker are all invited to dialogue together and be inspired. Known for discovering and promoting exceptional know-hows, Mayaro presents bespoke furniture and fine objects that are conceived by a group of designers with a French touch, and manufactured by the finest craftsmen. Exhibitions, art installations, curatorial work for interior designers and architects: all projects signed by Mayaro strive to highlight the exceptional art of the hand.


Signature Style

For their first series of pieces in the Craft Editions Collection, Mayaro partnered with designers Godefroy de Virieu and Stefania di Petrillo inspired by their sensibility to gestures and the emotion which lies within hand-crafted objects. At present, de Virieu is the AD of “Petit H” collection, by Hermès. Each piece is made-to-measure, and inspired by imaginary travels: a balloon in the sky, a trip to Saturn, a walk in a chestnut forest, a visit to a jeweller’s atelier… The signature style of this first edition is the mix of natural, almost raw materials such as wicker or chestnut wood, with leather and rusted metal: all elements that become even more beautiful with the patina of time.  Other statement pieces embody the know-how of cabinet maker IOTA Element, such as the Suspended bookcase which can hide or reveal a secret window, the delicate weavings of Frédérique Lamagnère, or the ethereal yet luxurious feather fans by Duvelleroy.


The Basket Bar designed by Virieu & di Petrillo and crafted by a hot air balloon atelier in France. A versatile piece of furniture, it can be a counter during the day and transformed into a bar when the night comes. Perfect for an outdoor pool house or as an indoor statement piece, it invites the guests to an imaginary flight. The Basket Bar won the Young Designer Prize from the PAD Paris, in 2019. An art installation for Hermès, rue de Seine, with artist Jérôme Gelès, who creates suspended aerial sculptures. Floating from the ceiling in the main space of this listed historic building converted into a boutique, the Icare sculpture deploys its wings, ready to fly.


The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting a selection of designs by Mayaro, available online for purchase exclusively through us.

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