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Beautifully proportioned yet uncannily shaped, the Console Table KR01 by Louise Liljencrantz is a fascinating mix of contemporary with a vintage twist.

Designed as a bigger sized version of a drink trolley – see the feet, in solid hand turned walnut, that look like wheels – it’s the perfect example of a piece of furniture with a well-thought sculptural feel. Because of its size and versatility, it can fit in any decorating plan: it can be an additional console or an interesting art piece standing on its own, or… for those nostalgic of cocktail hour, it can be the perfect drink table.

In this case, we recommend choosing it with additional storage for your favourite liquors and glassware.

We raise our glass to Louise Liljencrantz!

Louise Liljencrantz

Arguably one of Sweden’s most sought-after interior and furniture designers, Louise Liljencrantz has left her mark with her distinctive residential projects and furniture pieces made in collaboration with K.F.K Master Cabinet Makers. Favouring natural materials and superior craftsmanship, Liljencrantz pays tribute to mid-century modern legacy whilst playing with contemporary influences. Most of her strikingly graceful yet strong furniture pieces are executed with traditional Scandinavian woodworking techniques, designed to stand out and elevate any décor. 

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