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After several years spent in Burkina Faso and West Africa, working for a French TV network, Ambre Jarno founded Maison Intègre in 2017.  The brand’s name – which translates as House of the Honest- is a direct homage to the etymology of Burkina Faso, which means “land of the honest (incorruptible) men”. Set in Ouagadougou, the brand creates bronze objects based on the ancestral know-how of the lost wax technique. Each piece, produced in small series from recycled metals, is handmade in collaboration with Burkinabe skilled bronzesmiths.

Signature Style

Inspired by the shapes of customary and traditional objects from the West African cultural heritage, Maison Intègre creates original, imaginative designs. By revisiting the region’s traditional crafts and inviting designers and artists in the likes of François Champsaur to partake into a creative adventure, the ancestral know-how of bronze casting takes on a new life. Ambre spends most of her time in Burkina Faso as her relentless hands-on approach is crucial to the design and production of each piece. Her strong commitment to local artisanship, combined with an array of unique collaborations, is at the core of creating bronze objects that are utterly contemporary, yet exquisitely traditional.


The Echo lamp, a powerful piece whose light reflections seem to tackle the material by way of clever design. The lamp’s organic shape evokes an almost mystical presence, radiating a very subtle emotion. The Invisible Collection introduced the work of Maison Intègre to collectors at Nomad St. Moritz.

The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting a selection of designs Maison Intègre, available online for purchase exclusively through us.

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