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Laurene, an interior designer from the Penninghen art school, and Romain, a scenographer and designer, met whilst working on their first project for a French luxury House. «A true revelation!» they both said. Their collaboration is as fluid as it ebullient, and it feeds on their very complementary differences. Their highly symbiotic artistic sensibility led them to create their own interior architecture and design agency. Uniting and combining their ideas, they design expressive, elegant and contemporary spaces that showcase the high quality of French craftsmanship.  


Signature Style
« The tension of the lines between the angles and the curves. » Their wish is to design and create tailormade worlds, imbued with one-of-a-kind atmospheres enhanced by exceptional materials, shapes and French know-how. The highly skilled craftsmen they work with are a constant source of inspiration. Engaged in an ongoing, sensible and rich dialogue they constantly set new challenges in order to create furniture, lights and spaces anew.   


The duo’s Parisian spirit that mixes understated timelessness, poetry and the excellence of French craftsmanship. Each design is born out of passion and desire; the furnishings and light fixtures stand out for their sculptural feel. Inspired by Cartier’s iconic panther, Studio Parisien created a series of stunning designs. 

TIC A Ottoman StudioParisien
The Invisible Collection Luco Table Studio Parisien
TheInvisibleCollection Sevigne Daybed Studio Parisien