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Designed by Ivan Colominas
White Bianco Michelangelo marble or Black Nero Marquinia marble
Smooth finishes


D 26 x H 2 cm
D 10.23” x H 0.78”


Handmade in Italy
Production time: 4 — 5 weeks

Please contact us for more information or for a bespoke order

Myron is a trivet that is not defined by its function. Of perfect marble, with no above or below, it fulfills multiple uses in the kitchen and on the table.



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MMairo designs and creates high quality marble objects in Carrara, the world’s marble capital, where they were established in 2016. The products are made using the highest quality marbles, hand finished by skilled local artisans and with a high market positioning.

Marble, the natural wonder that has always fascinated, with its variety of colours and endless veins, is ever evolving and always unique. MMairo collaborates with designers worldwide who give life to objects ranging from kitchenware to vases and centrepieces. The company’s vision is rooted in the Apuan Alps’ heritage of beauty, immersed in the local history of craftsmanship and expertise, whilst bringing modernity and artistic creation to its collections. The company has a strong identity: solid, tangible, recognisable through original and contemporary objects that complement an eclectic element born in history, and that will always be, marble.

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