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NOMA stands for “NOble MAterials”. The founders, Bruce Ribay and Guillaume Galloy, who come from the world of luxury and eco-friendly design thinking, intend to change our view on recycled materials, the new, real treasures of contemporary interiors. In NOMA’s opinion, good taste goes hand in hand with surrounding oneself with beautiful, responsibly-made objects. The two founders are convinced that beauty is a powerful tool for change, that today’s economic models must be circular, and that everyone has the right to know where and how each piece is made. Moreover, on a personal level, they cannot but embrace the newfound consumer awareness about both individual and collective responsibility in the current environmental crisis. By becoming active participants in innovative eco-design programs, they don’t look for comfortable excuses and take action. Thanks to their innovative designs, Bruce and Guillaume intend to prove that we can still purchase beautiful things by buying better and more responsibly.

Photo ©Kristen Pelou
Photo ©Kristen Pelou

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NOMA pairs the expertise of recycling specialists with the exceptional know-how of French craftsmen, thus bringing new life to recycled materials with minimal environmental footprint. The transformed material becomes a new, raw material in its own right; its aesthetic potential, magnified by the talent of top designers selected by NOMA to collaborate on specific projects. Unique colors and textures, unparalleled comfort and solidity: NOMA Editions’ furniture and objects are timeless, elegant additions to any decor, meant to last.


Besides their unique approach to eco-design, NOMA is already garnering much attention for their one-of-a-kind designs, including The ARCA console. This stunning piece in “Blue Ocean” travertine is designed by RDAI and manufactured in Puglia, with patented stone-bending techniques. This eye-catching design pairs simplicity of shapes with a sculptural feel.

The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting this first eco-friendly collection by NOMA – set to leave its mark on conscious design lovers. Available for purchase through us.

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