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Karen Chekerdjian’s creations are nourished by craftsmanship, tradition and the cultural skills of Lebanon, her home country. Today her workshop produces collections of furniture, objects, and jewellery all under the “Series by Karen Chekerdjian” brand – limited edition objects as well as Spatial Design. Her unique collaboration with regional craftsmen, has allowed her to lay the foundations for Lebanese design. Her work transforms and reinterprets the origins of her country, bringing forth a strong contemporary character. The dynamic dialogue between design and craftsmanship has become her signature. Her strong style, without embellishment, produces pieces that are sharp-edged, masculine, almost Brutalist, with a highly elegant and enigmatic presence.

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Karen Chekerdjian’s career has been anything but conventional: After working in Communication and Graphic Design, she moved to Milan and attended the Domus Academy under the tutelage of Massimo Morozzi, the founder of Archizoom Associati, with whom she pursued her career at Edra and created her first piece of furniture. In 2001, she moved back to Beirut, her home town, and founded the Karen Chekerdjian Studio. Her designs are locally made following traditional craftsmanship techniques and are inspired by Lebanese cultural references. Besides furniture, Karen designs objects, and jewelry.


Signature Style

Her unique collaboration with regional craftsmen, the modern reinterpretation of traditional styles and the dynamic dialogue between design and craftsmanship are at the core of her work.

She loves

Design objects featuring sculptural abstraction. Her strong designs, stripped of any embellishment, are sharp-edged, masculine, and raw, yet they exude a highly elegant and enigmatic feel.


Her stunning bookshelf in perforated aluminum and brass finish. Her elliptical style and her radical, yet appealing handling of black mixed with leather, metal and wood.

The Invisible Collection has the pleasure of presenting a selection of designs by Karen Chekerdjian, available for purchase exclusively through us.

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